How Women in Their 40’s Can Read Their Menopause Symptoms

Is it Menopause or Something Else?

Feeling anxious or nervous? Having a hard time sleeping? These are all common ailments of some women’s nightmare when they reach their mid-40’s. It can all be related to the onset of menopause.

The challenging part is determining what is typical for menopause and what could actually be related to something else entirely. It is imperative for women to keep note of their conditional ailments during their 40’s. Below are a few invasive ailments that are very common during this time.

Sweating at Night

Night sweating is a manifestation of hormones which are out of balance. It is a very common ailment through menopause and is actually not tied to any kind of sleeping disorder. Night sweating should be cause for concern if it dramatically interrupts sleep or is tied alongside intense nightmares, anxiety, and other impediments of sleep.

Lack of a Strong Libido

A drop in libido is very common and arguably one of the most common symptoms of menopause. It is true that some women actually have a boost in libido. Regardless, it is important to remember that a strong libido is relative. If there is any drop in libido, it should be compared to a person’s individual typical levels and feelings. It should not be compared to message board visitors, friends, or others.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are hard to pinpoint because they can be caused by so many external factors. Frustrations at work, depression, anxiety, a lack of sleep, and other factors can all exaggerate and promote wide swings in mood. In all, consider the commonality of mood swings in regards to menopause and that it is by no means rare.

If the various menopause symptoms seem vague and connected to many different parts of the body, that’s because they are. Menopause symptoms are not cut and dry, and many women may experience few of them while others seem to experience the full checklist. Regardless, the above illustrates the importance of seeing a doctor. Yes, it could be menopause. But, it could also be something else very different and potentially more dangerous. See a specialist for more on the matter.

Dr. Mary Parker of Bedford, Texas is accepting new clients who need help with menopause and hormone therapy.  Sometimes you just need to talk to an Ob/Gyn experienced in helping women adjust to these changes.

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